20181017 ‘SUP??

Black swan looking cheekily at the camera






There’s a family of black swans in a wee canal not too far from here. I cycled along this afternoon to take some pictures. They are tame and thoroughly adorable.

Daily self-care checklist:

  • Retro? Go
  • FIDO? Go
  • Guidance? Go
  • Control? Go
  • TELCOM? Go
  • GNC? Go
  • EECOM? Go
  • Surgeon? Go

Wait, wrong list.

  • Sleep: Too short. By 23:30 my eyes were drifting shut, and I still had 130 pages to go in Harry Quebert, so I finished it this morning rather than last night. That still left me with only 7 hours or so, which isn’t enough.
  • Walk: half-hour round-trip cycle to the swans instead.
  • Photography: excellent. But I really need a bigger memory card, because I filled up my 16GB before I felt like I was done.
  • Bass: no.
  • Snacks: I may have bought myself some chocolate kruidnoten. Maybe not, though. Who can really say.