Indigo Girls at Mountain Winery, Tuesday 9 August 2016

While we were in California in August, we took several trips to the South Bay. On the first occasion, Abi and I went to the Mountain Winery in Saratoga to see the Indigo Girls. We had been to the Mountain Winery six years ago to see the Barenaked Ladies when Fiona was still six years old (her first concert). This time it was just Abi and me, though. We had booked one of their dinner + concert packages, and we had a lovely meal out on the Chateau Deck overlooking the valley. I had a tuna and shrimp salad to start, braised beef short rib for my main course, and a lemon meringue tart for dessert. The food was okay (the wasabi overpowered everything in the salad, and there was far too much beef), and I felt a little bit hurried throughout the meal (to be fair, they were trying to get everybody done by the time the concert started), but the accompanying wine from the winery itself was excellent, and the setting was amazing.

View of the Mountain Winery outdoor amphitheatre
View of the Mountain Winery outdoor amphitheatre

Lucy Wainwright Roche played a pleasant opening set, and then she came back during the course of the Indigo Girls to provide backing vocals on a few numbers. I’m not actually the Indigo Girls fan here. Abi likes them, and I spotted the gig when I was scouting for live music to see while we were in the Bay Area. I didn’t know any of their songs apart from “Closer To Fine”, but I enjoyed the music throughout. “Chicken Man” stuck with me because I couldn’t quite believe I was hearing the lyrics right. (“They can’t really be singing chicken man, can they?”) I listened to the song on Spotify when we got back home after the gig, but I didn’t like the recording as much as the live version — it lacked the energy they brought to the concert.

Because I didn’t know the songs, I wasn’t memorizing the set list, but here’s what other people recorded: Indigo Girls set list as


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