Minecon 2015 day 2

At Minecon 2012 in Paris we saw plenty of Minecraft/YouTube celebrities get mobbed by their fans. Some of them seemed to be enjoying their fame; others looked haunted by it. All of them were gracious, though. We managed to get CaptainSparklez’ autograph when we spotted him outside a ride at Disney Studios, just before he got swept away by a roving group of fans.

Minecon this year was bigger than 2012 by a substantial margin, but it was also much better organized. As a result of this, access to the celebrities was more tightly controlled, with security shepherding them between events, and formal meet & greet sessions where you could queue up for an autograph and a selfie without crushing them.

Fiona has been a huge fan of IHasCupquake for years, and she was super excited when she discovered that Cupquake was actually going to be at Minecon this year. In fact, most of her con schedule was focused on seeing her at as many panels as she could attend. She went to one on Saturday, and got to ask a question during the Q&A afterwards, but she didn’t get an autograph. On Sunday, Fiona planned ahead so that she could be right at the start of the queue when the doors opened for the Minecraft in Real Life session, and sit near the front of the room. Her hope was to be near the front of the line if Cupquake and Red (her husband) spent some time after the session doing signings.

Unfortunately, Cupquake and Red left almost immediately afterwards for their Meet & Greet session in a different room. By the time Fiona made her way down there, the line was too long, and she didn’t get the chance to speak to her heroine. She put a brave face on it, but she was very disappointed.

A couple of hours later, though, the Minecon magic came to our rescue. The four of us were standing around near the doors of the Expo hall after Fiona had put in another entry for the Minecraft skin creation contest, and I had taken some pictures of Abi, Alex, and Fiona near the Big Ben statue. (Grumble gumble iPhone 4 in less than perfect lighting conditions…)

A dragon!

We were just about to head over to the main hall for the closing ceremony when I spotted Cupquake and Red standing just ten meters behind Fiona. I pointed them out to her, and with a barely suppressed squee Fiona yanked us over there, where she got to tell Cupquake just how much she admires her, and got her to sign her autograph book. Abi and I were both effusive in our praise and thanks as well. Even after a long weekend of meeting walls of fans, Cupquake was still grinning and gracious, and genuinely enthusiastic to say hello.

Abi has better photos, but even they don’t manage to capture the full awesomeness of the moment.

Fiona was close-to-fainting-giddy for a full ten minutes afterwards. We’re talking anime swirly-eyed giddy here. It was special.

On the way back to the hotel (DLR, DLR, C2C, because the District line was closed for engineering works that weekend) very little could compare.