Banish “Interesting”

I’m trying to excise the word “interesting” from my conversational and written vocabulary, because it doesn’t actually say anything. Whenever I catch myself about to say or write the word, I pause, and try to answer the question “what specific feature of that thing or concept has caught my attention?” instead. Because that’s more important to convey.


One Reply to “Banish “Interesting””

  1. I checked “interesting” in the thesaurus to see what alternatives could be used, and “thought-provoking” sounded pretty good. Until on reflection I realised there kind of by definition isn’t anything in human awareness that isn’t thought-provoking.

    Hmm – will stick to “cool”, at least everyone knows it’s a pointless filler word without pretension.

    But I think posting a photo-only blog as your next item is cheating a bit 😉

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