Walk to Haarlem

I walked to Haarlem this morning, just under 24km in just under 4.5 hours — including a 25 minute break at the ferry across the Noordzeekanaal. Alex took the bus and train there (his first time taking the train on his own), and we met up at the station. We went to McDonalds for lunch, and then visited the Spellenhuis game store. Amazingly, we didn’t walk out with a new game.

Alex in front of the Grote Kerk in Haarlem

I listened to a stack more episodes of 99% Invisible on the walk, and spent some time thinking about the UK general election result. Much good (for the SNP), much bad (another five years of tory rule). There’s a direct line from last year’s referendum result to today’s outcome, but that was far from clear on the morning of September 19th. I don’t know what path the road to independence will take next, but I really hope that when we see another referendum, it will be under Nicola Sturgeon’s leadership.