Don’t reuse passwords

I must reiterate this is not a security breach at Namecheap, nor a hack against us. The hackers are using usernames and passwords being used have been obtained from other sources. These have not been obtained from Namecheap. But these usernames and passwords that the hackers now have are being used to try and login to Namecheap accounts.

Our early investigation shows that those users who use the same password for their Namecheap account that are used on other websites are the ones who are vulnerable.

Urgent security warning that may affect all internet users – Namecheap Blog

It’s the hope

It’s not the despair, Laura. I can stand the despair. It’s the hope!

John Cleese as Brian Stimpson in Clockwise

I am emotionally strongly invested in the Yes campaign for Scottish independence. I can wish and hope for a Yes vote, and try to persuade wherever I can. But in order to believe that Yes will win, one also has to believe that the current opinion polls are completely wrong.

I’m not naive: it’s a stretch. In retrospect it may seem almost delusional. But there is precendent for this in recent Scottish politics: in the 2011 election, the SNP was not predicted to win as large a share of the vote as actually happened. Could the same be happening now? I don’t know, but I’m finding James Kelly’s political and polling analysis blog Scot Goes Pop! fascinating reading. He is a Yes supporter, but his insights are rational. At this point, I can’t believe Yes will win, but he is helping to keep my hope alive.

Here he is talking about the polling methodologies and the history of Scottish devolution votes:

(The footage of the man in the elevator around 9 minutes in is of particular relevance in the last few weeks before the referendum. The ground campaign, momentum, and visibility all matter a great deal.)

Upcoming gigs

Just booked a batch of tickets for some upcoming gigs:

  1. Blonde Redhead at Tolhuistuin on Saturday 20 September. This is on the same day as we’re walking the 26km Dam-tot-Dam Wandeltocht. I may be tired and deserving of a cold beer that evening.
  2. Little Dragon at Paradiso on Tuesday 11 November. (Hurray – Paradiso have finally converted their Flash calendar to HTML!)
  3. The New Pornographers at Melkweg on Sunday 7 December. I saw them at the Fox in Oakland a few years ago, and was disappointed. Better luck this time?
  4. La Roux at Paradiso on Wednesday 10 December

They all have new albums out. I’ve listened to Trouble in Paradise by La Roux and love it. I need to check out the rest of them as well.