Website traffic patterns in the presence of native apps

A serious question for anyone running a website that has a matching native app to go with it: looking at the platform on which the app is available, is the share of website traffic from this platform going up or down (or staying static)?

My suspicion is that the share of mobile web traffic for most platforms is still going up, even in cases where a native app alternative is available.

Please comment, or contact me if you have any data to share!


One Reply to “Website traffic patterns in the presence of native apps”

  1. No concrete data to share, but from clients’ experience, it seems that the mobile website traffic is generally going down or staying static. API traffic is going up, though.

    Generally speaking, my clients have built their websites such that a mobile visitor is strongly urged to download the app rather than use the website, which may have a lot to do with that.

    This generally reflects my personal experience. The moment I see a native app on offer, I don’t use the website any longer from mobile.

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