Just a short posting to mark the v6 layout of Legends. I find myself reading a lot more content on my phone these days, and the fact that my own blog did not display nicely on a small screen was starting to feel a bit embarrassing. So: mobile first, boys and girls. It’s the only way to fly.


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  1. IMO mobile is a particularly good application for feed readers, because they allow you to transform & format the content specifically for the needs of your screen. As such, I don’t really see that “mobile first” is necessary for blogs.

    Where other websites are concerned, well, yes, that makes sense!

    Then again, I read blogs in feed readers regardless of the platform…

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  3. Jens – it might not be necessary for blogs, but I certainly find it useful. Even if my primary source of news is a feed reader or Twitter, which is nicely optimized for small screens, I end up following links to content elsewhere on the web, and I quite like it when I don’t have to double-tap-zoom or tilt my phone to landscape to get the fonts large enough to read.

    I’m treating mobile first as just another form of progressive enhancement; I assume a small screen size, and when a device shows that it is capable of more, allow it to spread its wings. It’s no different than delivering rounded corners and box shadows only to CSS3-capable browsers, and–provided that you are sensible about structuring your basic HTML in the first place–not that much more difficult. Given that most blog engines separate content and presentation by their very nature, I don’t see any obvious reason for blogs not to build new styles/templates/themes on a mobile first basis.

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