Dutch politics is awesome

To people in the UK and US, Dutch politics can look like a confusing mess, but fortunately we have Peter-Paul Koch to explain it all.

In the web development world, ppk is well-known for his web browser compatibility tables, founding Fronteers (the Dutch professional organisation for front-end developers), and more recently his work on mobile browsers. But he is also a historian, which shows in articles like his amazing dissection of the new <time> element in HTML5, and the introductions to Dutch politics he has written over the last couple of years.

Since the fall of the Dutch government two weeks ago, ppk has created a separate blog in which he is writing lots of great stuff about Dutch political history, the political parties in play for the upcoming general election (there are many), and the ups and downs of the race itself, such as last week’s local elections.

If your Dutch isn’t good enough to read the native news sources, ppk is definitely the best source of background on this highly entertaining political contest: