Back from Brooklyn

We are back from spending a wonderful long weekend with Patrick and Teresa. Abi and I had been to New York before, but (apart from travelling to and from the airport) we had never been out of Manhattan. This time we mostly hung out in Brooklyn, but on Monday we also zipped through Queens and the Bronx. On our way back South into Manhattan along the Henry Hudson Parkway, we were both struck by features that made us think of Lyon in France.

We ate burgers at the Shake Shack in Madison Square Park; cheesecake at Junior’s on Flatbush; clam chowder at Tony’s on City Island; and yet more burgers at the Old Town Bar on East 18th St. Patrick introduced me to Negra Modelo and tacos al pastor, and we got along famously. We visited the Tor offices in the Flatiron building; watched Avatar; hung out with Scraps and Velma Saturday evening, and the Making Light/ crowd Tuesday lunchtime.

Patrick and Teresa: thank you ever so much for having us. We had a blast.

I’ve just uploaded a bunch of photos to flickr: Mostly Manhattan, Saturday 20 Feb 2010, and Brooklyn, 21 Feb 2010. Here are some of my favourites:

Shake Shack

Flag and skyscraper; fence and camera #1


Rainbow splash

I still love her