Got to get rid of some of these tabs

I’ve got 65 tabs open in Firefox right now. Five years from now, that will seem like a light sprinkling of web dust. Right now, it’s excessive. Time to dump some links:




(With all the improvements going into JavaScript and browsers, client-side development is a great and interesting place to be right now, and the future is looking even better.)

User Experience

“Mainstream Users”

Software development, sexism therein

Note: this is one of my hot buttons. When it comes to gender equality, software development is struggling to come out of the dark ages. What’s worse, though, is that with a few notable exceptions (see below) it isn’t struggling very hard.






2 Replies to “Got to get rid of some of these tabs”

  1. Wow, that’s worse than me, in Opera I have rows of open windows, and they’re different between laptop and PC too.

    I have to say, and it’s not a plug, but the Opera Synching Bookmarks helped me out a lot. Now the windows (many of which need action) are sitting in the bookmarks and are the same across desktop, laptop and mobile.

    Great. Problem now is I still need to action them. I know, put them on my ToDo lists on Toodledo!

    Let’s face it, they’ll just sit there too…

  2. my daughter has the same kind of insect bite that you have a picture of on another blog. And i was wondering if you ever found out what it was from, or how to get rid of it. thankyou
    please reply asap

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