8 Replies to “Worst feeling in the world”

  1. Big changes, but you’ll be cool. Ride the feelings for a few weeks and it’ll be better really soon! (God, I sound like my Mum!)

  2. The low point came when I dropped Fiona off at her new nursery for a couple of hours of settling-in this morning. She was very upset, as was I when I had to leave her behind 🙁

  3. Sorry to hear you are feeling down Martin. I agree with Matt – things will look much better in a few weeks. I was in a right state when I first moved from Edinburgh to Aberdeen – it takes a while to adjust.

  4. It may be twee, but home is where your loved ones are not bricks and routine.

    If it’s poker nights you’re missing we can all head over and stay with you guys! Muuuhahahahaha!

  5. Martin I really feel for you. I completely understand, and know exactly how you are feeling. As you know I experienced the same feelings when we moved all those years ago. It will take a little time, but things will get better and you will get through it. Look forward to visiting you all on Monday.

  6. Fortunately, it doesn’t look like we did Fiona any lasting damage. When I picked her up at lunchtime, she was back to her perky self again. The nursery said that she was weepy for the first hour or so, but that she settled in eventually, and especially enjoyed playing outside. We’ve got another settling-in session tomorrow, so we’ll see how that goes.

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