Stalin with (and without) Nikolai Yezhov

Over at Bloggie-nominated The Movie Blog, oft-proclaimed “Founder and Editor” John Campea is busy eliminating all traces of Richard Brunton, who wrote most of the site’s content last year. The other week, John told Richard (by means of an an article in the Hamilton Spectator) that he is now earning enough money from the site to quit his day job. Richard, who has received (I believe) approximately the cost of a sandwich and coffee in expenses from the site, went “WTF?” Whereupon John told him he was no longer needed.

Look! No author! (Or: how to mess up your Movable Type installation)


7 Replies to “Revisionism”

  1. …and now I’m totally gone. No longer linked or in the About.

    One years worth of writing CV gone. One years worth of contacts gone. Free cinema and DVD viewings…going.

  2. Well, i think its for the best. Be your own destiny and that sort of thing.

    As for Campea, well if he is like that to you. We can imagine its his personality trait and he will be treating other folk the same.

    End result: word of mouth will spread about him and hey presto – Norman no more hits.

  3. All I’ll say at this point is that as Richard correctly pointed out above… there is a LOT more to the story than just what you’ve reported here. But I’m not looking to start a he said she said argument short of publishing the entire email conversation Richard and I had prior to his departing from TMB.

    What I will say is this:

    1) Richard is very talented.

    2) Filmstaker is a fantastic site

    3) Richard’s name being removed from his post was an accident (And Richard knows that). When he was removed as one of the authors, MT automatically took his name off his posts. I didn’t know it did that.

    4) I put together a page on The Movie Blog recomending Richard for Richard to point people and dvd companies to.

    5) I put up a post on TMB telling people about Richard’s new site and praising it:

    6) I left Richard an open offer to promote and announce anything about Filmstalker that he wanted me to. He never responded.

    7) The need for Richard to leave The Movie Blog was regretable. However, I have nothing but positive things to say about him as a person and I wish him all the best


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