Revenge of the Sith – a second look

I just watched Revenge Of The Sith for the second time (we got the DVD yesterday). And you know what? I think it improves with a repeat viewing. Away from the hype and the suspense surrounding the big question of how Lucas was going to wrap up the decades-spanning epic, I found that I was able to absorb the film more easily. Now that I know what’s going to happen, things make more sense when they do happen. The film’s structure and plot feel a lot more solid, and the emotional moments resonated more strongly–in particular the Order 66 sequence.

Of course, the dialogue is still atrocious, and the actors’ delivery of it is poor. But I think now that if you were to rewrite the script on a line-by-line level, while leaving the scenes in place and in the same order, it might very well rock. No doubt Lucas will be more interested in tweaking the special effects in future years, though.

When I reviewed it earlier this year, I gave it two and a half stars. I’d be happy to give it three and a half now.

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  1. I haven’t seen any of them yet! I’ve got a mish mash of trailers and hype blended together so maybe it’s time I gave it a watching.

  2. If you have any affection for the original trilogy, don’t ruin it by watching the last three – they’re failures on almost every single level, other than by providing hooks for video games.

    You can save valuable time by reading the ‘abridged’ scripts:

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