Mac Switching update, Mon 26 Sep

Well, one of my major goals in working with the Mac Mini has now been achieved: I have a working local version of Movable Type up and running. My httpd.conf file is not as clean as it probably should be, and I’ve got permissions on my site and archive folders set to 777 because installing suexec or cgiwrap felt like a step too far at this point…but it’s there. Archives and indexes are building.


  • I’m using Safari more and more, and getting to like it better. One thing I don’t like is that it uses the Apple+R keystroke to reload a page, rather than the IE/Firefox F5. I don’t like this because I’ve got Apple+R bound to Quicksilver, so I have to use the mouse to reload pages.
  • TextWrangler is turning into my default text editor. I like it.

2 Replies to “Mac Switching update, Mon 26 Sep”

  1. Apple-space goes to Spotlight by default, doesn’t it? I have to admit that I haven’t used Spotlight at all yet…maybe it’ll be of more use once I get more of my files moved across onto the Mini.

    And I had found the Apple-L key stroke for going to the address bar in Safari. It was one of the first things I went looking for!

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