Mac Switching update, Tue 20 Sep

Well, that’s my Thunderbird email now moved from the PC to the Mac. Just as with iTunes, this turned out to be quite simple:

  1. Installed Thunderbird on the Mac
  2. Located my profile directory on the Mac: /Users/martin/Library/Thunderbird/Profiles/XXXXX.default/, where “XXXXX” stands for whatever random combination of letters and numbers it has chosen for me.
  3. Made a backup copy of everything in this directory.
  4. Located my profile directory on the PC: C:\Documents And Settings\Martin\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\YYYYY.default\, where “YYYYY” is a different random combination of letters and numbers.
  5. Copied all files and directories from the PC’s profile directory into the Mac’s profile directory.
  6. Started up Thunderbird on the Mac…and everything works, multiple accounts, saved passwords and all.

I had considered using the Mac’s own for email, but I think I’ll leave that for later.

On the text editor front, I’ve installed SubEthaEdit, and I plan to give TextWrangler a try, too.

Web browser-wise, I’m still flipping between Firefox and Safari, but with Opera now being free, I’ll probably throw it into the mix as well, and see what sticks.

Next major task is to get Apache and MySQL up and running, and install a local copy of Movable Type. It’s all looking rather good, right now.

3 replies on “Mac Switching update, Tue 20 Sep”

Don’t forget to try Camino too, it’s a Mozilla browser that was the Firefox of the Mac before there was Firefox on the Mac, and it’s *still* better and MUCH faster than Firefox. In fact, I don’t think there is a faster Mac browser, period.

Apache is already on the machine, with a whole bunch of extensions. System Preferences, Sharing, with config in /etc/httpd.

Dogger–I’d forgotten about Camino. With IE5/Mac in the picture as well, that’s 5 significant browsers available for the Mac. Wow. I wonder if the new Flock browser will have a Mac version, too?

Dave–I’d found Apache already (yay!), but I haven’t got round to hacking on httpd.conf yet

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