26 Malts

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society is currently running a very special series of 26 single-cask malt whiskies, each with a unique and creative label. The results are gorgeous, and very tempting…

Cheap Industrial Cooking Whisky
Whit Yoos Want?
Mouthful of midges

“Earlier this year, the Society’s Tasting Panel selected 26 malts for a groundbreaking project. Inspired by the malts, a tasting and an open design brief, 26 teams (each with a designer and writer) worked together to create 26 unique labels.

“The result? 26 different Society bottlings each with its own label design, presented in an elegantly slender 50cl bottle.

“An explosion of colour, wit and passion, each label is as diverse and evocative as the single cask malt inside the bottle. The 26 Malts project has inspired an extraodinary vibrant and varied range of poems, fibs, teasers, salutations, invitations, trompe-l’oeils, talking whiskies, responses inspired by tarot and alchemy, bananas and liquorice, rubber tyres and the sweetest of golden honeys.”

You can see the whole range at the 26 Malts web site.

4 Replies to “26 Malts”

  1. I also was tempted this morning when the blurb came with the Autumn bottling list this morning, but not 850 quid tempted 🙁
    If I had 850 quid to spend on whisky I’d just track down all the 17 year old Ardbeg left that I could find.

  2. You’d have to be a bit nuts to go for the whole collection. But looking at the prices for the first six, £850 is still a good discount if you have that kind of cash to spare…

    Personally, I’d be happy to make do with the poster of all the labels, which you get free if you buy all the bottles in any one batch…but even that is a couple of hundred quid.

  3. If it’s the image on the 26 malts home page you’re referring to, the 27th one (right at the centre) is not a label–it’s an overview of the whole 26 malts project. The image is taken from the SMWS’s 26 malts poster.

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