Now running on Movable Type 3.2

For once, this was not a smooth upgrade. Or rather, it would have been smooth enough if I hadn’t got blocked on one particular step: running mt-check.cgi. I run MT under cgiwrap for added security, and for some reason the mt-check.cgi script doesn’t work for me in this configuration. It works fine if I run it directly (without cgiwrap) from the cgi-bin directory, but with cgiwrap it gives me a 500 server error. It’s not leaving behind any trace in my error logs, either.

All the other .cgi scripts that make up MT seem to work fine under cgiwrap, though. Once I’d figured this out, it was just a matter of running mt-upgrade.cgi as instructed, and it all worked fine.

Liking the new MT 3.2 interface. Very pretty.

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