Pillow talk

Despite only having a dozen or so words in her vocabulary, Fiona is already using them to get into arguments with her brother. Take, for example, this gem from the other night, just after I’d put them both to bed:

[Fiona] “Dada!”

[Alex] “I’m not Dada, I’m Alex.”

[Fiona] “Dada!”

[Alex] “I’m not Dada, I’m Alex.”

[Fiona] “Dada!”

[Alex] “No, I’m not Dada, I’m Alex! Listen to what I’m telling you!”

[Fiona] “Mama!”

[Alex] “No! I’m not Mama! I’m Alex!”

[Fiona] “Alex!”

[Alex] “Yes.”

[Fiona] “Nooooooo…”

[Alex] “Yes I am!”

[Fiona] “Nooooooo!”

[Alex] “Yes! I am! I’m Alex! I’m Sandy!”

[Fiona] “Alex.”

[Alex] (Pause)

[Fiona] “Dada.”

[Alex] “Dada’s downstairs.”

[Fiona] “Dada!”

[Alex] “Dada’s downstairs!”

[Fiona] “Mama!”

[Alex] “No, mama’s downstairs too!”

[Fiona] “Mama!”

And so on…

4 Replies to “Pillow talk”

  1. She did that when I came to visit. Alex got a bit miffed, methinks, but once you explain he’s not such a grouch. 🙂

  2. If she does it once, you think, well, she’s a baby.

    If she does it over and over again (did it tonight, too!), you begin to think she’s a minx. I think she does it for the reaction.

    I foresee a long and interesting childhood for them.

  3. I wonder if she gets that from you or Abi? Actually I don’t think she gets it from either of you. Alex was always clearly a Changeling. Looks like you’ve got another there folks.

    Watch for the Faeries!

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