Urgent – upgrade to Movable Type 3.15

If you’re using Movable Type as your blogging tool, please be aware of a serious security flaw that can allow anyone to send email via your installation. (Spamward ho!) To fix this hole, you can upgrade to version 3.15, or, if you don’t feel like doing a full upgrade, there is a small plugin available that will also do the trick.

One Reply to “Urgent – upgrade to Movable Type 3.15”

  1. Cheers for that Martin. I’m off to do just that, and at the same time just removed my site address from the email – that would have been a good advert!!

    I have to get MT Blacklist working (with the alternative database method) and then I’m going to post it on the blog listings…

    Oh, and totally off topic, MovieBlog is getting about 10,000 hits a day, that’s from 5,000 before I joined!! Wooo!!

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