Games Day

Richard B. has started up a new blog. In his first (well, almost) entry, he covers the games day we had at the weekend. It was another good one, even though my self-imposed low-carbiness meant that I couldn’t eat any crisps, chocolate muffins, potato wedges, pizza, or…well, anything, really.

Except for the CHICKEN WINGS!!

Mad props to the Rosslyn Deli for being able to rush me another bulk order of special wing sauce (Frank and Teressa’s original Anchor Bar variety) by overnight delivery. As well as the “hotter” sauce, I got some of the “blazing hot” sauce, too. I think this might be the same as the “suicide” sauce they show on their web site, but it may be a subtle variation. Either way, it was hot.

Oh, and Burnout 3? Possibly the best racing game ever.

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  1. Games day sounds like so much fun.
    What more can one ask for…food, beer and games!…although the timing of your Atkins diet must have sucked?! I guess your woeful league placing can be attributed to lack of carbs slowing down your reaction time ?? 🙂
    Picked up Burnout 3 on release day….hooked!

  2. Hmm…. I love SSX Tricky, but Saturday was the first time I had played it in many months, and I got utterly trounced. My own copy is actually so scratched up that it won’t play any more (thanks, Alex!), but playing it again reminded me just how good it is. I’m going to have to get another copy.

    I bought SSX3 when it came out, but it wasn’t nearly as much fun. More tracks, more options, but far less character.

  3. It was amazing to get back to SSX Tricky wasn’t it? Absolutely fab. Mind you, I am so into Full Spectrum Warrior just now.

    Yeah, I agree on the SSX3 front. I’ve played it like once. I didn’t even get onto a track, perhaps I should give it a go again.

  4. I have only ever played tricky once – thanks Martin for bringing the game to work 😉

    I bought SSX3, but am now wondering if I should buy tricky as well!!

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