Minor strangulation incident; nothing too serious

Abi came home this evening with the kids in tow, and explained that there had been an “incident” at nursery today. Alex had been playing on the slide in the nursery’s back garden, and somehow got tangled up with a skipping rope….

Anyway, the doctor said he’ll be fine, and I’m sure the ligature marks around his neck will fade eventually.

(Extra note: and all this less than a week after the Haltwhistle Exploding Nose incident. Alex isn’t havening a very good month so far.)

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  1. Alex tripped and fell flat on his face while we were in Haltwhistle last weekend. At his age, his nose is still small and squishy, so he didn’t break it, but he scraped and bruised it, and it was gushing blood for about twenty minutes.

    Fortunately we had a very friendly and concerned book shop owner (yay Newcastle Bookshop: http://www.newcastlebookshop.com/) who let us use her kitchen to get Alex calmed down and cleaned up.

    We haven’t him any lasting damage yet. (Fingers crossed for the future!)

  2. Children are surprisingly resilient. Good thing, too, or none of us would survive to grow up.

    I’d tell a bunch of horror stories here about my own kids, but it wouldn’t do anything but freak everyone out.

    Alex is exceptionally tough. It’s gonna take a lot to slow him down, and he’s gonna outlive the lot of us, noses and ligature marks notwithstanding.

  3. You really want a horro story?

    Ask my mum about how, when I was about 5, I fell over outside, impaled my tongue on an upturned tree root, and sliced it in half.

    Speaking with a forked tongue, literally. But, like Grandma says, children are surprisingly resilient.

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