I passed 70-316 this morning, the last one in the series for my MCSD (.NET) certification. Woo! With a certain amount of Yay!

I didn’t find 70-316 a difficult exam, but then I’ve been coding Windows Forms since Visual Basic 4 back in 1997. It may be a C# exam, but forms are forms, and a familiarity with the “Microsoft way of doing things” works wonders. ADO.NET was the other big part of this exam–probably about 25% of the questions related to data access in some for or other. So really, if you know your C#, WinForms, and ADO.NET, this ought to be a breeze.

Of course, then along comes Scott Hanselman with a bubble-bursting set of ASP.NET interview questions that show that MCSD.NET is only the beginning of professional expertise….

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  1. Great news about you are relieved!?
    I sat my MCSD exams in quick succession to get them before the June 30th deadline. I have so far got 70-316 and 70-229 on .NET track…next stop is 70-315.
    70-229 was the trickiest (like you say…lots of reading)…70-100 (Architecture) was also a bit of a nightmare….hoping that 70-300 is a bit easier.
    I worked for a company that was prepared to pay for the exams, but silly me I never got round to doing any. Now paying for them myself…if there ever was an incentive to pass them first time, £100 a throw is it 🙂

  2. Congratulations Martin – that was some week, completing Halo and MCSD.NET. I’m trying to think which is more significant :).

    Comparing the time you took to get MCSD.NET and complete Halo, I would say MCSD.NET was easier, or is that the other way round ?


    I sure wish I had time to study such things. My tech skills are going into the pot. (On the other hand, my legal skills are improving and, in the process [I hope] improving my blog.)

    And don’t bemoan that someone said this is just the beginning. After all, it’s not like you were planning to STOP learning after you passed the exams, nu?

  4. I make sure to schedule a nervous breakdown at least once a year. I find that a week at the funny farm sets me right up for another twelve months. The white walls are so…soothing.

  5. Congratulation! For achieving MCSD.NET degree

    I am also trying to get this great certification.
    I am preparing for this, but my office work disturb me. I am trying to prepare myself for this exam.
    Please help me, if you can provide me some hints for making this preparation easy.


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