Another one bites the dust

That’s 70-229 down, only 70-316 to go on the road to MCSD.NET: Friday’s the day.

70-229 was a toughie–the hardest one I’ve had so far. I scored well, but there were very few “gimme” questions. Most of the questions were quite long, too–just reading through the lead-ins, the exhibit code and diagrams, and the possible answers took a lot of time. I finished the last question with only eight minutes to spare, which left me precious little time for dithering and worrying about the answers I was unsure of. Anyway, I passed. Yay me.

2 Replies to “Another one bites the dust”

  1. Congratulations on the pass. I fully agree with you on the exam – I found it a real toughie too, nasty thing.

    All the best with the other exams, I’m being a glutton for punishment and studying for 70-228 which is the other SQL Server exam.

  2. Nice one – I agree, it was a hard exam and the only one that I have been worried about running out of time for. There is just so much to read for some of the questions.

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