MSDN disks arrive

I knew there was a lot of stuff in the MSDN subscription, but I hadn’t expected the box of disks to be the size of a small fridge. Sheesh.

The MSDN subscription cometh

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  1. Yup. I took the option to get CDs rather than DVDs for increased compatibility. Also, I asked for the set including all European languages. So I’ve got one set of everything in English, Dutch, French, Italian, Portuguese, etc….

    Five binders full of Microsofty goodness. Yowza.

  2. dude, thats a bit on the large size!! what kinda binders u get with that then? – i’ve the dvd sub – are they small black ones?

  3. To be fair, the Buzz Lightyear is Alex’s rather than Martin’s. And at £8 from Ingleston Sunday Market, it’s better value for money (hours of enjoyment/£) than the MSDN sub.

    Now if Alex could only make money shouting “To infinity and beyond!”…

  4. hahaha!!! We must be on the same wave.. Yesterday we bought 2 Buzz Lightyear from a Disney Store, I think they are identical to yours and last night I downloaded SP2. 😉 Welcome to the upgrade world!

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