They don’t stay young for long

It’s Alex’s last day in the Toddler Room at his nursery today. From next week, he’ll be in the Pre-School Room. He’s only three, and he won’t be starting primary school until 2006, but it still shows what a big boy he is, and how quickly he is growing up.

And as I carried Fiona into the Baby Room, she was holding herself almost upright in my arms, and looking from side to side like a startled meerkat. No more flopping against my chest because she lacks the muscle control to keep her head up. She can’t quite sit upright on her own yet, but she’s probably only a few weeks away from that milestone, too. And then she’ll be rolling and crawling and climbing up stairs…

One Reply to “They don’t stay young for long”

  1. Actually, Alex spent the day in the pre-school room today. And ironically, the woman in charge of the pre-schoolers, Bella, was his favourite nursery nurse when he was in the baby room.

    Seeing him in there this afternoon while I was picking up Fiona, watching him play with some of the same toys he loved the first time around, I did feel a bit of a pang. Where did my baby go?

    But then he put up his ladybird-shaped umbrella against the sudden rainstorm, and pretended he was a giant bug chasing me and Fiona all the way home. He’s grown up, and he’s even more fun than he was when he started at Goose.

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