Cinema freebies are getting weirder. This morning we went to see Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and a couple of slightly bored freebie-away-givers ambushed us on our way out. It seems that Warburtons (a large UK bread bakery) are doing a big ad campaign, and so they were handing out…loaves of bread.

The tagline for the campaign is: “Rise with Warburtons.” (Rise…bread rises; early morning cinema-goers are early risers… Geddit?) Each freebie bag contained a small white loaf, five or six (!) Warburtons-branded ballpoint pens, and three vouchers for 20 pence off our next purchase of “any delicious Warburtons product”. Any “disgusting” Warburtons products that might be on the market are not included in the promotion, I suppose.

Also: “product”? This doesn’t exactly fill me with cozy images of home-baked bready goodness. It makes me think of “juice drinks” which can be made with as much as 5% real fruit juice, or “potato snacks” that are more closely related to extruded plastic mouldings than actual potatoes.

Still, it’s free bread. I wonder what next week’s promotion will be. Milk? Butter?