DVD rentals by post

I’ve just signed up for ScreenSelect, a postal DVD rental service. From no such service being available at all in the UK in mid-2001, there are now a couple of dozen to choose from. I chose ScreenSelect because they have one of the largest collections of DVDs available (including lots of TV series), and their prices are good. (CompareBox helped whittle down the short list.) £14.99 a month allows unlimited rentals, and three discs on loan at any time.

I’ve been having a great time browsing through the service and adding films to my rental queue. So much to choose from! And unlike buying DVDs, or renting them from the local Blockbuster, I don’t have to restrict my selection because of how much I can afford, or how much I can watch in a single weekend. I can just add and add, and my queue just gets longer and longer…. I’m up to 67 at the moment, but I’m sure I can bump that up to well over a hundred in no time! Woo!

(Hmm… John Woo… Which of his films have I not seen yet?)

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  1. Totally off topic: Reading your ‘be a haive’ post I wanted to recommend a book for you. Read: Steven Pinker’s The Language Instinct (Pinker’s home http://pinker.wjh.harvard.edu/) I don’t have any children yet so I haven’t seen this in action, but his descriptions are mostly based on Noam Chomsky’s work in linguistics and are fantastic.

    Basically he goes through how it is thought that we develop language.

    Well worth the read.

  2. I may have to take a look at that. I live so far away from the nearest Blockbuster (the only rental place worth looking at in my experience)that it costs me a fortune in time and petrol getting and returning DVD’s

  3. I signed up for ScreenSelect on Tuesday evening; they posted my first selection of DVDs on Wednesday; and all three arrived on Thursday morning. First impressions: very good. I’ll do a more complete entry on them soon…

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