Hey, I’m going to be a suspect, too!

At the weekend, the US announced that from October of this year, even visitors from visa waiver countries (such as the UK) will be fingerprinted at the point of entering the country. Cool! I’ve always wanted to be treated like a criminal!

2 Replies to “Hey, I’m going to be a suspect, too!”

  1. Yeah, I saw that too and for a moment I thought it was a belated April’s Fool. It’s never going to stop the bad people, but it’s going to annoy and stop a heck of a lot of people, like you and me, from going there. I know of a lot of academics who will stop going to conferences there.

  2. Martin, I always knew you had it in you to be a criminal. As an American, let me say just how safe I now feel–NOT.

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