More evidence of Tribune’s dodginess

More hilarious antics from those wacky characters who used to run Tribune Risk and Insurance Services (from The Scotsman):

“A SENIOR director of Tribune Risk & Insurance was convicted of falsifying insurance documents just seven months before joining the board of the collapsed Midlothian insurer.

“According to court papers obtained by The Scotsman, Jack Walker was fined £1,500 by Edinburgh Sheriff Court in March 2000 for misrepresenting insurance quotations through his brokerage firm Danahy Walker.

“Although Tribune was set up by Walker’s wife Evelyn, he became a director of the company in October 2000. By the time the liquidators arrived at the company’s Eskbank headquarters, he was running the company.”

That’s interesting. When I joined the company, I was given the impression that Jack Walker had started the company himself. Evelyn Walker was still on the company books as an employee, but her importance to the business appeared minimal. Before Tribune’s web site was taken down, it had the following to say about Jack Walker’s history in the industry:

“Tribune was established in 1998 to meet the needs of intermediaries like IFAs, Mortgage Brokers and Solicitors. […]

“Tribune’s Managing Director Jack Walker has over 30 years of experience in the insurance industry as do many other members of the team including Sarah Kelly, Steve Dixon and Alan Watkins, Tribune’s Senior Account Managers. This experience is matched by Tribune’s development of new technologies and systems to drive forward customer service and ease of use for intermediaries.”

No mention of company founder Evelyn Walker. How odd! One could be forgiven for thinking that her stake of the company was merely a front for shady dealings, such as deceiving 40,000 insurance policy holders and about a hundred employees. Surely not! That would be terrible!