Recruitment Agents

Recruitment agents, taken collectively, are sharks and snakes. I’ve spoken to a number (a very small number) of friendly snakes, and I know of at least one shark who sees fish as friends, not food. But they’re a tiny minority, and they’re still sharks and snakes.

Just thought I’d get that off my chest. Draw your own conclusions about how the job hunt is going.

2 Replies to “Recruitment Agents”

  1. since I was laid off, I tried serveral ways: going for myself and using recruitment agents. After 5 month without success I decided to get self employed with a travel agency. At least the state in romania helps you, if you go for self-employment. But I never thought that would be such a hassle 🙁

  2. Scum of the earth the lot of them in my opinion.

    On a par with Estate Agents and Lawyers both of whom I’ve had far too many dealings with this year.

    I wish you luck in dealing with them, just shower regularly and remember to keep your hands inside the boat.

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