Yay bike!

My bike has arrived! Abi and Alex caught up with me on the bus after work, and we all went into town to the bike shop. We went a bit mad on accessories, eventually coming away with helmets for both Alex and me (Alex’s one is red, with a blue train and animals on it), reflective arm and leg strips, front and rear flashing lights, a lock, a pump, a repair kit, and–most importantly–a child seat to fit on the luggage rack.

While the bike people (who in the end were very patient about me calling them up every other day to badger them about the delays) were installing the various items, we nipped down to the Piemaker for something to eat. When we returned, Alex and I got kitted up, and cycled all the way back home. Abi took a taxi. It rained, of course, but it felt good to cycle anyway. Alex seemed to enjoy himself, too.

I’ll be cycling to work tomorrow. Yay!

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