Bob The Builder Builds A Park

Bob Builds a ParkCan someone please explain to me why the PC game “Bob The Builder: Bob Builds A Park” needs Administrator rights on my PC to run?

Alex (2 and a half years old) has his own login on the PC, with restricted permissions. He knows how to log in on his own (his account doesn’t have a password). He has learned to double-click, and is getting the hang of drag-and-drop. He knows how to open the Start menu. If I give him Administrator rights, I dread to think what damage he could do to the system. (I can just hear him saying, “Alex delete it!”)

So why does a simple game, whose target audience is clearly toddlers and small children, demand that I grant a two-year-old full and complete control over my PC? Methinks the programmers need to learn about developing code as a non-admin.

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  1. Are you trying to install it using his account? Usually you would intall using your admin account and then if it does not creat a shortcut icon on his desktop, you would be able to copy one to it “C:\Documents and Settings\All Users”. Hope this helps.

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