Five Days of TypePad

I don’t think a web site has actually made me physically moan with anticipation and pleasure before now. But for goodness’ sake just take a look at TypePad.

For those of you who don’t know about it, TypePad is the “managed” blogging service from the people who developed Movable Type, the software that makes this weblog–and thousands of others across the web–work. When TypePad goes live, you’ll be able to sign up for an account, pick a couple of basic settings, and be up and running with your own blog within a couple of minutes. No need for your own server, no complicated setup, and no worries about having to maintain your own backups and stuff.

Details have been scarce for those of us who haven’t made it into their closed beta programme, but they’re currently in the middle of “Five Days of TypePad,” a teaser campaign for some of their drop-dead, eye-popping, killer app features:

Droooool. Much though I love tinkering with Movable Type on my own domain, unless Movable Type Pro is going to have all of these feaures, too, I’m going to be seriously tempted to move to TypePad myself.