Hottest weekend of the year so far. Saw “Hulk” with Alan on Saturday, took the bus out to Seton Sands and walked to Cockenzie Beach to watch Pablo and Richard kitesurfing. (Well, only Pablo was on the water…Richard was taking photos.) Then we all drove back into town, hooked up with Jess, and bundled out to the nearby pub, where much alcohol was consumed. (Too much, in my case… I keep forgetting that I am out of practice with drinking. When I got home, I unfortunately had to spend some quality time cuddling the porcelain teddy bear.)

Sunday hangover. Slept till 12. Hot again. First BBQ of the year. We had steaks, and also grilled some thick slices of aubergine, dipped in olive oil and liberally sprinkled with salt and pepper. Smoky and savoury on the outside, juicy and sweet on the inside. Yum!

Very hot again today. Went to work in my shorts. Didn’t get laughed at.

More coherent posting soon…maybe…