Mail delays

Blueyonder, our ISP, has been having some mail problems in the last few days:

“The current queue on the secondary MX (Mail eXchanger) for has grown to approximately 1.2 million e-mails that are queued for delivery to the primary server in Knowsley as well as the business domains that this server acts as a backup MX for.

“Of this 1.2 million we have identified that approximately 95% of this is spam due to a sustained attack against the mail platform over the last few days. Therefore this entire queue is going to be placed into quarantine and filtered into the mail platform in a controlled manner.”

I know that some people have seen their mail to me bounce back (including someone looking for more information about the Minidisc player I’m selling on eBay, causing them to retract their bid) so if you’ve sent me something important…you might want to try it again.