Day 5 of Atkins

Q: What would you rather eat for dinner this evening: a succulent breast of chicken with scrambled eggs and hot sauce, or a single dry slice of brown bread?

A: Oh, no question. It’s got to be the bread.

Q: What about a totally decadent snack while you’re watching TV later on in the evening? A selection of fine mature cheeses and some roasted hazelnuts, or a single dry slice of brown bread?

A: Gotta be the bread again, mate.

Q: And for breakfast at the weekend? Bacon, eggs, sausage, and fried mushrooms, or ack…get your hands…aagh…off my…ghhg…throat!

A: Stop playing with my mind and just give me the damn bread!

3 Replies to “Day 5 of Atkins”

  1. The initial stage of the diet (max of 20g carbohydrates per day) lasts for two weeks. After that, you’re supposed to increase your daily dosage of carb by 5g each week until you stop losing weight. At that point you’ve found your right carb balance.

    I say: my right carb balance has got to include some DAMN BREAD or my long-term relationship with this diet plan is doomed for divorce court.

  2. I can sympathise with that!

    Something occurred to me this morning…

    Does this diet mean no Hot Cross buns in the SunPig household this Good Friday? That would suck!

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