Thank you, Lisa, for introducing me to Blogshares. Not. Just as I’d managed to kick the RSS habit, along comes another reason to maniacally check on my favourite blogs, and to update my own more regularly in the hope of getting noticed. Well, I’m not falling for it, you hear me? I’m not!

Actually, Blogshares is a pretty cool idea. It’s another tool like Technorati, and the Blogging Ecosystem that illustrates the interconnectedness of weblogs, and helps people to find more stuff that might interest them. Only Blogshares turns this mess of crosslinks and mutual admiration into a game as well.

(I got hooked on Popex a couple of years ago. It’s a similar idea, but you buy shares in pop artists instead of blogs, and your portfolio rises or falls with their fortune in the charts (and other factors, of course). Blogshares sounds more interesting to me, though, because you’re buying shares in people that you know, and who may know you.)

But I’m not going to get hooked on this one. Oh no. I have too many other things on the go right now to get sucked into another addiction.

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