Chicken wings

I cooked some chicken wings this evening. I did a batch in barbeque sauce for Abi and Alex, a batch in the hot sauce I brought back from my Boston trip, and another batch with a variation on a recipe devised by Lisa (of Burnt Toast blog).

My version of the sauce consisted of margerine, tabasco sauce, Encona Hot Sauce, and a splash of vinegar. It tasted pretty good, but lost a lot of heat while it was coating the wings in the oven. Also, it didn’t stick to the wings very well. (I suspect the Xanthan Gum in the bottled stuff may have something to do with its coating qualities.) Overall, the home-made variety was quite promising.

Earlier today, though, I managed to find a source for the “real” Buffalo Wing sauce: the Rosslyn Deli in London imports a variety of American foods, one of which is the Anchor Bar Original Buffalo Wing Sauce, as served at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, NY. One of the reasons for making my own sauce was the scarcity of the bottled product on this side of the Atlantic. But now I know where to get it… Yum.

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  1. mmm, xanthan gum…

    actually, though – I think you’re right – the not sticking to the wings is a big part of the problem. I was thinking of a sweet variation for just that reason. hmmm…

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