Smell (or lack thereof)

I can finally breath through my nose again, but my sense of smell still hasn’t returned. It’s only when you lose it that you realize just how much of the sense we think of as “taste” is actually smell instead. Ham and cheese toasties still have a wonderful mouthfeel, though.

In terms of child care, having no sense of smell has an up side and a down side. The good thing is that changing dirty nappies is so much less unpleasant. The bad thing is that you can’t tell when they need changing. Which vastly increases the danger of “creepers”.

(A “creeper” is a poo that rides up the child’s butt crack, emerges from the nappy, and keeps on crawling right up the back. If you’re lucky, the child will be wearing a shirt, which will catch most of the unpleasantness. If not, you end up with a brown sticky trail on the floor.)

2 Replies to “Smell (or lack thereof)”

  1. I keep telling Martin to post warnings before he describes the gross stuff! Apologies if the description of a “creeper” was too graphic!


  2. Hmmm, I never recall having a sense of smell and while everyone tells me how this must affect my sense of taste I have nothing to compare with…

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