I’ve been laid up sick for the last two days with the worst cold I’ve had in years. It had been low-grade since just after Christmas, but it started to get much worse last week. My throat has been swollen and sore, I’ve got a rotten cough, and my sinuses are fit to explode. I haven’t been able to taste anything since Sunday, and on Monday my ears started to cut out–it’s like listening to the world on an old AM radio. As for sleep, well, sleep’s for wimps the healthy.

Alex was in nursery yesterday, so I was able to just stay home from work and be miserable on my own. But today is Wednesday, and that’s my part-time day off for daddy-baby time. Abi woke up this morning and heard me coughing, snorting and moaning, and took pity on me. She stayed home from work so she could take care of both me and Alex.

Picture of Abi smilingWhat a sweet, wonderful wife I have.