Normally, a severe barfing session on the day after one’s birthday would suggest a night of heavy partying. The alternative explanation is that one has come down with a case of the seemingly endemic winter vomiting. Sigh. I’m recovering now, but I’m exhausted, and my chest and stomach muscles all ache whenever I sneeze or draw a deep breath.

Possibly the worst part of being sick was not being able to enjoy my birthday lunch at the Hong Kong Martell. Mum & dad and Scott & Ange had all come round for the occasion, but by the time we got to the restaurant, all I had appetite for was their jasmine tea. And I’d so been looking forward to having their scallop parcels again, too!

Never mind. We’ll just have to do it all again in the New Year. Everyone else had a good time, though, and Alex kept us entertained with his latest party trick: balancing his juice cup on an upturned tea cup, then flinging his arms out and exclaiming “ta-daa!” Abi often entertains him by jumping out from behind objects and going “ta-daa!”, but this was the first time he’d performed the action himself. He had us all in fits of giggles. The boy is a born comedian.

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