2 Replies to “Design for chunks”

  1. Very amusing, but I hate sites that (a) claim to be “best viewed” using any particular web browser and/or platform and (b) Macromedia Flash. The first because web sites should be designed to be as clear, accessible and usable as possible in all web browsers and on all platforms, never optimised for any, and the second because it’s just plain annoying.

  2. True, but sites like that annoy me more when I want to *achieve* something on that site, like banking (Royal Bank of Scotland only allows IE4+, or Netscape 4.08 to 4.78), or viewing financial information (FT.com requires IE4+ or NS4+, but they’ll let you in with Mozilla or Opera if you masquerade as IE). With sites that are clearly exercises in design, I’m less bothered.

    And it’s still funny 🙂

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