Dim Sum

For some time now, we’ve been looking for a good (or indeed any) Dim Sum restaurant in Edinburgh. Today, we visited the Hong Kong Martell restaurant on Newington Road. And, yum, was it good!

The restaurant used to be the Martell Casino, but it has been the Hong Kong Martell since June, and according to the owners it is now the largest Chinese restaurant in Edinburgh. They have a dedicated seafood room, a main dining room, a Karaoke room, and a function suite for parties.

We went along at about half past two this afternoon, and got a table for six easily–no need to book beforehand. The Dim Sum menu was extensive and varied, with prices ranging from £2-5 for most portions. We ordered a whole bunch of stuff, but the things that stick out for me were the sticky rice parcels, and the scallop parcels, but the vegetable spring rolls were quite special, too.

Their main menu looked equally tempting. We’re already making plans to leave Alex behind for an evening soon, so we can go back!