Music, books, and stuff

I’ve been listening a lot to two albums lately: Everyday by the Dave Matthews Band, and Dreamworld by Steve Booker.

I first heard of Steve Booker when I saw him supporting Clannad in Glasgow in 1990 (91?). Richard Gibbs drove a gang of us over there, and I seem to remember that I wasn’t the only one who thought that the support was better than the main act. Not that Clannad was bad, but Steve Booker just shone.

Unfortunately, I only have a tape of Dreamworld. Listening to it again now, a lot of the songs still sound fresh and beautiful. I would dearly like to get hold of the CD now, because the tape isn’t going to last forever, and I don’t think it would record well onto MP3. But the album doesn’t seem to be available at any of the usual on-line sources! Looks like I’m going to have to scour the second-hand record shops…

I’m also coming to the end of the last Elvis Cole book I haven’t read yet: Voodoo River (by Robert Crais). I haven’t been reading them in order, so I’ve seen the romance between Cole and Lucy Chenier in full flow, and I’ve seen the trouble they’ve gone through in LA Requiem. I am thoroughly enjoying this book, which is where they first meet and fall in love.

Like Spenser and Susan in Robert B. Parker’s books, the romance between the Cole and Lucy is profound, at times difficult, and (I hope) an enduring constant. Spenser and Susan worked out their difficulties when Susan left him in the mid 80s. I hope that Robert Crais will, over the course of the next few Elvis Cole books, show that true love can endure such hardship.

No comments on war and impending doom today. I was going to write some more on Tuesday evening, but the Nimda worm took down the EZPublishing servers (or their network), which is where sunpig is hosted.

Big install at the Bank today. We’ve been working hard to meet today’s deadline for project ERos, and it all went remarkably well. The system is in place, we fixed a few bugs on-site, and the customers seem to be very happy with it! Very satisfying. So I went out this evening and bought some wee prezzies (sweaters, for the coming cold weather) for B and Abi.

Well over a month ago now, we thought that B was starting to teethe. He had small white spots on his upper gums, in about the right positions for his baby canines. Well, nothing came of that until now. He is seeming quite unhappy a lot of the time, and whenever we feed him, he is actively biting down on the spoon. Maybe something will pop through soon?

He is also now pulling himself forward with his arms, even over non-shiny surfaces. He can drag himself along the rug now: yet another step towards crawling. And he is getting much more interested in sitting up, too. Still a bit unsteady, but he seems to realize that there is something different and fascinating about this new state of being 🙂