B came this close to rolling over

B came this close to rolling over from his back to his front this evening. He had twisted his hips well past the vertical so that his legs were almost completely turned over, and he was lying on his side. But he just wasn’t able to get his arm out of the way, so it blocked him from flipping over completely. As usual, his lower body is preceding the rest of his torso in terms of strength and coordination. Shouldn’t this be the other way around?

We also measured him from head to heel today, and he came in at 66cm (26 inches). According to the development charts we have, this puts him just under the 98th percentile for length.

His weight, though, has consistently been tracking just below the 50th percentile curve.

Basically, he’s a bit of a string bean. Rather than normal chubby baby legs, he has thoroughly muscular thighs and quads. His favourite game at the moment is “standy-up man”, which is where I pull him up to a vertical standing position, and he wobbles and smiles and giggles. I don’t have to support his weight–he does all of that himself.

He doesn’t have the balance yet to even sit up unsupported, let alone stand without falling over. But I’m sure he has the leg muscles for running already…