New home page! PHP! MySQL!

New home page! PHP! MySQL! Database-driven! Easy to update! Automatic links to Everthing2


What is the world coming to?

This does prove to me, however, just how easy PHP is to use. It took me well over a week to do the initial “dynamic” version of the sunpig site in perl/cgi, and it didn’t work nearly so well. I started this new version yesterday (Saturday) afternoon, and by evening I had the edit facility all ready. Today I tidied up the calendar, and did the home pages, so they display n day logs.

Over and done with in a single weekend!

Of course, there are still a whole bundle of improvements to be made:

  • Put a “today” button on the calendar (particularly for the edit screens)
  • Bring the sidebars into the database as well, and make them editable too.
  • Allow uploading of images through the edit interface
  • Allow user to set how many logs should be displayed on their home page
  • Automated backups of the database.

Then, of course, there is Amazing But False to automate as well…

Also, the code is all over the place, and could use to be tidied up. But seeing as it’s my first attempt at PHP and MySQL, I figure I can only get better from here.