20221011 Hole

The electricians were round, and a fellow came and drilled a large hole through the outside wall for the new extractor fan. This is pretty cool, because it shows us what kind of insulation we have between the inner and outer walls. Given that the house was built in 1993, I was pretty sure there would be some kind of insulation, but I didn’t know what it would be.

20221007 Wet flor

One of the last things the builders did on Thursday was make a quick pilot cut in the floor of the kitchen. Unfortunately, they struck an unexpected heating pipe. It was late in the day and they couldn’t get a plumber out to us until the next morning, so we had no heat or hot water overnight. It may be October, but the weather is still mild, so we didn’t freeze. They were with us again by 07:30 the next morning, ready to do the rest of the drilling to prepare for installing the new under-floor heating.

Fiona is here! We caught up on episodes 6, 7, and 8 of She-Hulk in the evening. Cliffhanger before the finale! No episode 7 flashback. I’m glad that Emil Blonsky genuinely did go off to run a meditation retreat in the countryside, and that his parole from prison wasn’t just a supervillain fake-out. I hope the showrunners don’t turn back on that at the end. Abomaste.