Google captures the zeitgeist

Google captures the zeitgeist: a page showing a snapshot of what people are searching for.

Finished The Empty Chair by Jeffery Deaver yesterday, and wrote my first Dooyoo review in a while on it. The first few chapters didn’t grab me much, but it’s a grower. Well worth it in the end, and I’ll be looking out for more of Deaver in the future.

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An interesting (as always) article

An interesting (as always) article by Joel Spolsky on supposed bloatware:

“Version 5.0 of Microsoft’s flagship spreadsheet program Excel came out in
1993. It was positively huge: it required a whole 15 megabytes of hard drive
space. In those days we could still remember our first 20MB PC hard drives
(around 1985) and so 15MB sure seemed like a lot.

By the time Excel 2000 came out, it required a whopping 146MB … almost a
tenfold increase! Dang those sloppy Microsoft programmers, right?

Wrong.” (more…)

It includes a reference to a different article on the historic cost of hard drives.

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