Rollovers with CSS

This is at least party for my own reference, because I have a habit of misplacing useful links like this in my bookmarks… But here is a pretty nifty guide to creating image rollover effects with CSS instead of JavaScript.

Optical illusions, and fraudulent lawsuits

Have a look. My eyes pretty much bugged out when I saw the claim that square A is the same share of grey as square B. (Via Making Light)

Also from this same source (Teresa Nielsen Hayden), a summary of the outcome of the Stouffer v. Rowling case–this is the one where an unknown author brought suit against J.K. Rowling for allegedly plagiarizing her work. This, also, caused me some eye-bugging.

“When the case first started, I thought it was possible that Nancy Stouffer was one of those poor deluded souls who have so few ideas themselves, and are so unfamiliar with the process of having them, that they think any similarity between their own (invariably unpublished) work and other authors’ published work must be deliberate plagiarism. But not now. The extent of her forgeries rules that out. She’s a fraud–and a damned stupid one, too.”